Story of this work

The idea of offering these audios began in 2006 when I led these guided practices as part of my "Body and Emotional Awareness" classes at the Human Ecology Program in the School of Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.


Many years, many life changes and many learnings made these possible for me.


I am deeply grateful to my husband, friends and family who supported me in different ways through this process. Special thanks to the wholehearted support of my visionary friend and beautiful flower of Big Sur, who beleived in the possibilities of this project and to Borboleta Audio Mastering for their excelent job.



The price of a product is the amount of money we pay for it. Different than the value of it refered to the benefit or usefulness we obtain from the product. It is my desire that the value of this product goes higher beyond its price. 


I have never been good or liked to make numbers and in these case I needed to asign a money value. A lot of time, space and work has been invested, inspired in the posibility of sharing and offer this practices to the Spanish speaking population worldwide.


To reach the wholeness of my desire I would have liked to offer them for free and for now I am needing the money feedback to keep these project going and produce more albums with the same educational porpouse.


This is why, the price of this album is $9.99 US dlls for the ones that can pay for it and doing so contribute to these project (*). And for whoever is interested and do not have this amount, please send me and email message and I will be sending you these album.


(*) As part of the social commitment of this project, 10% of the total income for sales, will be donated to an educational comunity program to be determined.  






About the price