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About the voice

To support living with more integrity in harmonic relationship with yourself, others and the world around us I am offering this attention and mind training guided practices. 

Lorenia Parada Ampudia
Mindfulness practices changed my life as I found a tool to take with me wherever I go and use it any time and for free! It has been useful to me for:
  • Giving me the opportunity to be with myself.
  • Getting to identify and learn about my body sensations, emotions, patterns of behaviour, beliefs and toughts.
  • Finding more awareness and coherence among my personal world, my relationships, society and politics.
Being passionate about consciousness, self and social awareness as psychologist, I have practiced and have facilitated learning spaces on mindfulness for more than 10 years.
I was born in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico. Speaking English besides Spanish, I have had the opportunity to learn to learn with different communities and cultures around the world. 
With more than 30 years of experience as a professor at the School of Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, I have explored different paths in social justice, psychology, education, learning and human development. 
I have had the pleasure of sharing my learning in my professional experience in consulting on education, as entrepreneur and co-founder of educational institutions in Women and Gender Studies, Human Sexuality, Body Awareness, Mindfulness, Body-Mind Integration, Leadership and Self-Care. 
I enjoy and feel privileged for the opportunity in supporting people in learning about themselves, especially when facing life transitions and challenges. 

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